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Continuous Provision

As children move from reception to Year 1, or from early years classrooms to primary school, they
often miss activities through which they learned in their previous settings. Sand, water, role-play,
small world, brick play and other active learning experiences are sometimes lost as the curriculum
becomes more structured. This can result in children being ’switched off’ from learning, leading to
less motivation and more distracted behaviour.
We all know that children need active learning through hands-on, play-based activities throughout
their primary years, and thoughtful teachers have been developing an approach that’s often
referred to as ‘
continuous provision’, where children have access throughout reception, year 1,
and often year 2 to many of the practical activities offered in their earlier years.
Continuous provision can enable children to explore recent learning, practice new skills, and follow
their own interests. Teachers are able to enhance the continuously offered activities to make more
overt links to adult-initiated and adult-directed, focused sessions. This combination of continuous
and enhanced provision gives teachers a context within which they can set their adult-led
activities, being sure that children have plenty of opportunities to practice and improve skills,
knowledge and confidence in active, independent learning.
Below you will find ideas, examples and planning formats for including continuous and enhanced
provision in your classroom or setting.
If you have good ideas or photos you would like to share with others through this website, contact
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Marsden doc.pdf
continuous provision eg.tiff
Continuous and enhanced provision.pdf
Example 1. A booklet from Worcestershire, which is a wonderful
collection of guidance, photos and ideas for continuous and
enhanced provision. It is intended for Reception practitioners, but
Year 1 teachers will find it equally useful. To download the free PDF
go to

Example 2. ‘Continuous Provision in the Early Years’, by Alistair Bryce
Clegg, is available from You could
also look at Alistair’s website, blog and collection of ideas on

Example 3. During a course I was asked by practitioners to explain
the difference between continuous and enhanced provision. The
document I produced is here as a pdf for you to download.

Example 4. This continuous provision sheet is one of a series,
covering all the areas of provision in a classroom. They have been
updated in line with the Revised EYFS, and are intended for display in
the classroom near each of the activities. You can download the
whole series from (Continuous provision area
plans), where you can also see lots of other examples of continuous
provision from schools and settings.

Example 5. The staff at Marsden Infant and Nursery School in
Kirklees wanted to make a simple statement about continuous
provision, which they could share with parents and others. They have
kindly allowed me to have a copy, and have given their permission for
other schools and settings to use their work in their discussions. If
you use the document in your own setting, please acknowledge the
generosity of Marsden staff by noting the source.
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