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...having a good time in the Early Years
This page offers ideas for use in settings, together with supporting documents and links to other sites. To
stay up-to-date and relevant it needs the input of users, so please let me have your comments, thoughts,
ideas, and useful information you’re willing to share.
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Two recent documents about heath and nutrition
for young children: ‘Early Movers’ published by
the British Heart Foundation, and ‘Eat Better, Start
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This ‘ready-made’ curriculum has always held on
to a model of cross-curricular, thematic learning. It
is rooted in recent research into brain
development and the way children learn.
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Sand, water, role-play, small world, brick play and
other activities may be lost as the curriculum
becomes more structured. A result may be
children being ’switched off’ from learning.
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Never heard of ‘loose parts play’? Never mind,
you’re not alone.
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Tracking documents constructed for groups of
practitioners to use the Development Matters
statements as a framework for assessment.
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Play is essential in the Early Years and beyond.
There are 2 sections - play in England and play in
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 Ideas into practice