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...having a good time in the Early Years
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Play in England

Best Play a joint publication produced in 2000 by the then National Playing Fields
Association (now Fields in Trust), PLAYLINK and the Children's Play Council. It
looks into the benefits of play for children, its role in child development, as
well as the consequences of inadequate play provision.

Design for Play an award winning guide to creating successful play spaces. It explains
how good play spaces can give children and young people the freedom to
play creatively, while allowing them to experience risk, challenge and
excitement. There is also advice on how play spaces can be affordably

Managing Risk in Play Provision
...shows how play providers can replace current risk assessment practice with
an approach that takes fully into account the benefits to children and young
people of challenging play experiences. The overall approach will be useful
for those who manage spaces and settings, and for those who design and
maintain them.
Play in Scotland

In June 2013, the Scottish Government published a play policy document. The
implementation plan will be published in the autumn of 2013.

Download the document from:
Best Play cover.tiff
design for play cover.tiff
Managing risk cover.tiff
scottish play policy.tiff
Download these documents from:
where you can also find some really good ‘active play’ recipe sheets for outdoor activities such as
making cakes in oranges, bird feeders and mud men.