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All Babies Count
All Babies Count (2011)

All Babies Count is an NSPCC report looking at the evidence for making children aged under one year a priority in
child protection and the importance of early intervention.
Overview (from the NSPCC website)
The NSPCC has produced a report highlighting the importance of early intervention to help children get the best
possible start in life.  
The report sets out the evidence by drawing on research, consultation and original analysis to examine the
disproportionate vulnerability of babies; the causes and consequences of infant abuse and neglect; and effective and
promising interventions during pregnancy and the baby’s first year.  
The report includes new analysis into the number of babies under one year who are affected by parental substance misuse, mental
illness and domestic abuse which are all important risk factors for abuse and neglect.  
Findings include:
• 19,500 babies under one year old are living with a parent who has used Class A drugs in the last year
• 39,000 babies under one year live in households affected by domestic abuse in the last year
• 93,500 babies under one year live with a parent who is a problem drinker
• 144,000 babies under one year live with a parent who has a common mental health problem.
The report also introduces four new programmes relating to pregnancy and babies that the NSPCC, with partners, will be delivering and
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Babies & lip reading
Scientists at the Florida Atlantic University Baby Lab have been researching very early language and now think that babies learn to read
more by watching our faces than by listening to our voices. That’s why they watch us so closely! If you want to read more, here are some
The first is from NBC News, January 2012:
The second is about the response of an individual child and has a short video: