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...having a good time in the Early Years
Brain development
Predicting later achievement
How early can we predict future educational achievement? Leon Feinstein examines the links between
pre-school tests, social class and final academic levels.
In the research described here he considers three questions that help in understanding these issues:
1. Does pre-school development matter for long-term outcomes? To what extent are indicators of
children’s pre-school development associated with their final educational levels as adults.
2. Does social class matter? What is the effect of social class difference in these pre-school indicators
(a difference sometimes called the “attainment gap”).
3. As children get older, how does this stratification change? How do high or low initial achievers
perform differently as they develop and to what extent does this differential development depend on
social class.
Read and download the full text here.
Feinstein on prediction.pdf