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...having a good time in the Early Years
Free Play in Early Childhood
This beautifully produced and illustrated literature review from the National Children’s Bureau focuses
on free play from birth to 7 years.
The review contains the following chapters:
1. Perspectives on play gives an historical and modern perspective on understanding and policy
relating to children’s play.
2. Play, exploration and brain development draws on a range of perspectives, examines the
relationship between play, exploration and brain development, and shows the interdependence of
these aspects of development.
3. Play, development and learning focuses on emotional, social, intellectual and physical development.
4. Play-related themes discusses a range of issues that permeate understanding free play.
5. Role of the adult focuses on the complex role that adults play in supporting children’s play.
6. Discussion highlights the main findings in the literature, the issues they bring to light, and poses
some questions for reflection.
Read and download it here.