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...having a good time in the Early Years
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These are the notes for some of Sally’s courses. You’re welcome to download them for use in your own work
in settings, schools, colleges or in local authority support. However, please note that
they are copyright and
may not, without written permission from the copyright owner, be used for commercial purposes or
incorporated into any work for sale.
Learning to Learn (Brainworks)
- Examines how children’s brains are formed and
    grow, and how that knowledge can be used to
    promote learning.
- Explores the influences of nurture, nature, culture
    and chance.
- Looks into the factors, natural and
    environmental, which inhibit learning.
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Raising Boys’ Achievement (The Cleverness of Boys)
- Looks at the special features and development of boys’ brains.
- Examines how these are different from the way girls’ brains develop.
- Suggests how this knowledge can be used to motivate
    boys and improve their learning.
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NB. Sally’s Book ‘The Cleverness of Boys’ (written with Ros Bayley) goes into
greater detail on all the above issues and more.
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Developing Language Through Role Play
- Language forms the foundations for interacting with
    other people – for communicating our needs, our
    thoughts and our experiences.
- From the moment of birth, babies are ready to
    communicate: they listen to and look at people and
    things in their environment, and respond to what
    they hear and see.
- This course looks at how children learn
    language, and the ways in which role
    play helps these processes.
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Dare To Be Excellent!
- Raising children’s achievement is a priority for all of us. But achievement
    in what? How do you promote it, and how do you assess it?
- Looks at the social and environmental factors that affect achievement.
- Examines how children learn things and what happens in their brains
    when they do.
- Looks at some of the things that inhibit learning, and
    how children can be helped to get over them.
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A Garden For Writing
- The outdoor environment is a huge resource and one
    of Sally’s particular interests. How can we use it to
    promote learning?
- Looks at writing out of doors.
- Investigates how boys’ desire to be out of doors
    can be harnessed;
- Looks at practical ideas for moving from mark
    making to writing using a garden
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From Mark Making to Writing
- Explores what becoming a writer involves.
- Updates on the Revised EYFS, and what is now
    expected at the end of the Reception year.
- Investigates the role of stories in becoming a writer.
- Looks at the balance of adult and child led activities.
- Looks at practical ideas for moving from
    mark making to writing.
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The documents here are notes that were prepared for use at courses and conferences,and were designed to consolidate what Sally said and remind delegates.
 Sally’s training notes
Chemicals & Chimpanzees
(Halfway Nursery & Infant School, 20/11/2013)
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Learning to Learn
(Halfway Nursery & Infant School, 15/01/2014)
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