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What’s new?
Changes and additions to this website (most recent first)
23/01/2017    Special Needs page and Boxhall Profile removed on demand of The Nurture Group Network (copyright owner)
20/01/2014    Notes for Learning to Learn training day added (Sally’s training notes).

05/01/2014    Changes to layout of home page.
05/01/2014    Corrections to issues that prevented ‘Thoughts & Ideas’ and ‘How to join in’ pages displaying properly.

21/11/2013    Sally’s Blog changed to ‘Thoughts & Ideas’.
21/11/2013    Sally’s Blog Archive changed to Thoughts & Ideas Archive.
21/11/2013    Chemicals & Chimpanzees (Halfway) notes added to Sally’s Training Notes.
21/11/2013    Quote added to Cleverness of Boys on ‘Books & Resources - Professional Development’ and minor changes to page layout.
21/11/2013    Additions to ‘I Have a Question’.

01/11/2013    Sally’s Blog 3 posted.

28/10/2013    New material for Notice Board.
28/10/2013    Addition of 2 new titles to Books & Resources and 50 Fantastic Ideas pages.
28/10/2013    Blog 2 moved to Blog Archive. Holding message on Blog page.
28/10/2013    Minor amendments to wording on some pages across the site.

26/09/2013    Front page redesigned to incorporate a notice board.
26/09/2013    Issue addressed which prevented the site map showing properly on some browsers.
26/09/2013    Tweaks to master page.
20/09/2013    Error which prevented bullets on ‘Sally’s training notes’ page displaying properly corrected.

19/09/2013    Site map added.
19/09/2013    Update info added.

17/09/2013    Sally’s Blog 2 posted.
17/09/2013    Corrections of typos and amendments to some wording.
17/09/2013    Research and development section completed and posted.
17/09/2013    Postings on ‘I have a question’ page.

17/07/2013    Beta version of site on-line. Sally’s Blog 1 posted.
site last updated: 20/01/2014
version 14.2.5